Grant Able - Oncology Consultant


Age: 57

Skills: Cancer specialist working in a research hospital.

Scope: Oncology department.

Job: Grant is a medical consultant.
He is a deep expert in the treatment of cancer and is responsible for a number of advances in the treatment of Leukemia.

Thinks/Feels: Feels overwhelmed by the amount of information he has to assimilate and come to a conclusion on to progress his research.

Hears: Many opinions on the correct approach from drug companies, colleagues and the patients themselves who have been reading the Internet.

Says/Does: Grant is deeply committed to his professional work, spending his spare time investigating possible factors that could improve the survival rate of his patients.

Sees: Grant sees great improvement in the understanding of cancer, but also many treatments that have little effect. He has yet to find an IT tool that helps him in his work.

Top challenges: Correlating and collaborating on the evidence he is collecting with those of other researchers.

Desired Outcome: He is contributing to a dynamic and evolving body of knowledge about cancer treatment that provides easy access to the information he needs.

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.