Lemmie Stage - DataStage Specialist


Age: 38

Skills: Information integration using DataStage.

Scope: IT – links existing systems.

Job: Lemmie is a deep expert in DataStage. He has implemented all of the DataStage jobs that link the company’s IT systems together. Lemmie works for Polly Tasker.

Thinks/Feels: DataStage is the most important tool in IT.

Hears: New requirements for additional DataStage jobs – everything else is filtered out.

Says/Does: Lemmie is very focused on what he does. If it is not DataStage then he is not interested.

Sees: Unnecessary focus on metadata and business user access to information.

Top challenges: Some of the integrations he does, especially with packaged applications are pretty tricky. He would like some better wizards in the designer tool to help.

Desired Outcome: He would like Polly and Erin Overview (Information Architect) to appreciate how vital he is to the business and realize how skilled he is.

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.