Stew Faster - Manufacturing Manager


Age: 48

Skills: Chemical Engineering, manufacturing processes and management.

Scope: Manufacturing Plant.

Job: Stew Faster is the manager of the manufacturing plant. He designs the manufacturing lines and oversees their operation.

Thinks/Feels: Stew is a little bit bored running the manufacturing plant. He is a methodical and conscientious person and through his efforts, the manufacturing plant runs like clockwork. Stew is looking for a new role outside of Coco Pharmaceuticals, as he wishes to make better use of his chemical engineering skills.

Hears: Stew hears about the move to personalized medicine and is intrigued. This could be the opportunity he is looking for to get more investment in the manufacturing line and create a more interesting role for himself.

Says/Does: Stew has made his wishes known to his manager and she has promised to bring him into the project. In the meantime, Stew continues to focus on keeping the manufacturing team’s record of quality and consistency at a high level.

Sees: A lack of investment in the manufacturing plant largely because it is working well and the founders of the company are more interested in the search for new treatments.

Top challenges: Maintaining the high standards in the manufacturing plant while he is so bored with his role.

Desired Outcome: Stew wants to be more involved in the business decisions around their manufacturing operation. He wants to innovate, use new techniques and work in a more challenging environment.

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.