Digital Service Lifecycle

Every digital service has a lifecycle that takes it from a good idea, to a running service that is repeatedly enhanced until the service is decommissioned and shutdown.

While the service is running, it is processing requests from its consumers, sending requests to the digital services that it is dependent on and typically accumulating data.

There may also be incidents, such as service outages and data breaches occurring while the service is running and also requests from consumers for access to their data.

Figure 1 shows the lifecycle of a digital service. The stages shown are described below the figure.

Figure 1

Figure 1: The lifecycle of a digital service

An open metadata repository can be used to maintain information about the digital service. This can link knowledge of th business model, governance requirements and implementation, making it possible for collaboration correct action and an audit history to be maintained throughout the lifetime of the digital service.

Figure 2 shows the metadata repository in place.

Figure 2

Figure 2: Using a metadata repository to manage the lifecycle of a digital service

The open metadata types includes the definition of a digital service entity. This is used in the data privacy pack.